Asha Kiran


What is Asha Kiran?

Asha Kiran, the early intervention centre, has been established to impart ‘Inclusive Schooling’ to children of military personnel with various disabilities in their mild spectrum. The pilot project conceived under the aegis of AWWA, has been, established at SSAPPS under HQ SC on 25 Mar 2019. This initiative aims to provide a common platform enabling early intervention for children with special needs, so that they become equal partners in the learning process.

The initiative is aimed to benefit the children with the following:-
(a) Borderline Intelligence (Slow Learners)
(b) Mild Intellectual Disabilities.
(c) Mild Sensory Impairments.
(d) Special learning Disabilities.
(e) Mild autism Spectrum disorders.

Every child is unique and is influenced by the cultural, linguistic, intellectual, psychological, medical, social and economic factors. These factors create a need for an educational environmental that enhances the child’s self confidence. In fact, Children of Armed forces personnel are more affected by frequent changes of schools and corresponding changes in the environment.

Education is the right of every child, in a manner that he/she can develop to optimum potential and growth. Asha Kiran aims to fulfill this prime objective for every child.


The rooms comprise of modern tools, equipment and toys to facilitate learning for the children with special needs. The centre comprises of the following rooms:

Creative Learning Room

The room houses all necessary modern tools, equipment, accessories and toys to enable the children develop their psycho – motor skills.

Special Educator’s Room

The room with requisite furniture facilitates the Special Educator to provide customized lessons to children with special needs and interact with parents.

Sensory Therapy Room

The specially designed room comprises of textured tools and equipment to stimulate sight and touch as also to develop sensory skills and reduce anxiety.

Outdoor sensory path and special play equipment.

Human Resource: Asha Kiran is supported with an experienced and competent team of professionals, consisting of Special Educator and Speech Therapist. Details of the present staff and their roles are as under:-

(a) Special Educator: Asha Kiran has presently one Special Educator and she provides technical support to students and teachers inside and outside the classroom, to facilitate learning for children with special needs.
(b) Speech Therapist: The Speech Therapist with Asha Kiran assists in diagnosing and treating speech, language, sound and cognitive communication issues, associated with children with special needs.