Co-curricular Activities


Various competitions are regularly conducted for the students such as Story telling, Hindi Recitation, Fancy dress etc.

Cleanliness Drive-Swacch Bharat

Cleanliness drive is conducted regularly in school to inculcate the idea of keeping our surroundings clean for a better and healthy atmosphere.

Training Practice for NTT Students

Two batches from Protsaahan learning centre came to school for training practices. 30 teachers in each batch executed their training practice in our school. It was a well planned and organized activity to give maximum exposure and experience to the teachers.

Development of Religious Tolerance

The delicate task of unifying the communities is done by the school. We make the students understand the similarity of different religions by organizing skits and dramas and also celebrating holy festivals of all the religions in an appropriate manner.

Security Drill

Security drills are regularly conducted in the school as per instructions. The children are instructed on how to behave in case of a terrorist attack or an untoward incident.

Blue and Green Dustbins

Blue (re-cycle) dustbin and Green (wet and dry-bio degrade able) dustbins have been kept at various points in the school. Teachers and ayahs have been briefed about them so that they can guide the children and make them aware about it. This is a small initiative taken by the school for a better tomorrow.

Yoga and Karate Classes

Yoga and Karate classes have been introduced in the school as a part of our curriculum. Students take keen interest in learning and show great enthusiasm.

Extra Marks Smart Study Pack

A new initiative by Extra Marks has been introduced in the school. This has enable one to one learning and achieve academic success. As a special privilege they have allowed our school students and teachers to access extra marks Smart Study Pack worth Rs.7500 absolutely free.

Music Before and After School

Nursery rhymes and theme based music is played in the school every day. This help students to start their day with a smile on their face and music on their lips. This also helps them to learn their rhymes really fast.

Traffic Park Visit

Students of Nursery class visited the traffic park and were explained the various rules and safety measures which are regularly explained in the assembly. They were also acquainted with Pets and birds.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Students are taught the advantage and the role of nature in leading a healthy life by the teachers. Activities like planting trees, reducing pollution, feeding birds are explained during assembly. Pet animals are brought by teachers to the school to show to the students. Students plants seeds and are explained about the importance of trees.

Healthy Food Habits and Personal Hygiene

Students are given instructions and demonstrations about personal hygiene, washing hands, brushing teeth etc. They are told about the advantages of healthy foods and the ill effects of the junk foods.

Joy of Giving

The students are instructed about the joys of giving i.e helping others, sharing with others etc. To elaborate, students are taught about the importance of sharing with the under privileged members of our society, distributing food items by contributing Rs 5 per student to an orphanage  It also includes inculcating compassion for animals by feeding birds and dogs.


Parent Teacher meetings are held every month. Maximum attendance of parents is solicited.

Medical and Dental Examination of the Students

Annual medical camp is organised by the school, in which pediatrician & dentist carries out a thourough examination of the students.

Workshops /Talk on Health Hygiene and Childcare

Workshops are conducted & talks are delivered by the doctors of Command hospital / AFMC.